DevRel for Beginners: Everything You Must Know and How to Get Started

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DevRel for Beginners: Everything You Must Know and How to Get Started

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Table of contents

  • The History of DevRel
  • What Is DevRel?
  • Importance of DevRel
  • What Are the Types of DevRel?
  • 5 Useful Tips to Succeed as a DevRel Engineer
  • Conclusion
  • Resources

Developing relationships with developers is an essential part of any successful technology company. As a result, DevRel (short for Developer Relations) is now more common in the tech industry. But what is DevRel, and how do we get started in this field?

This article will introduce us to DevRel, exploring what it is and how to get started.

The History of DevRel

Before DevRel gained popularity, developers used alternative channels for communication. Some of these methods include attending local meet-ups and conferences. Attending conferences and meet-ups helped them stay up-to-date on the latest technology.

The primary aim of these meet-ups was to educate each other, which birthed the rise of DevRel. DevRel professionals use these methods to strengthen developer-community bonds. To know more about the history of DevRel, click here.

What Is DevRel?

DevRel is short for Developer Relations. It is a relatively new field that focuses on building relationships with developers. It involves organizing events, developing content, providing support, and engaging with developers.

DevRel professionals help create strong bonds between the company and its developer community. They receive product feedback this way, which allows them to develop relevant solutions. It enables the company to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive.

DevRel not DevSell

It's crucial to remember that DevRel's responsibility extends beyond product sales. It aids in building an ecosystem around a company's product to promote usage and adoption.

Example of ways to promote usage and acceptance includes:

  • hosting meet-ups and conferences to teach developers how to use the product

  • creating a supportive community

  • writing documentation about the products

  • creating video content about the products and much more

Importance of DevRel

It is impossible to overstate DevRel's importance in ensuring the product is successful. Here are some of the benefits of DevRel:

  • Build trust and encourage collaboration: DevRel engineer specializes in developing relationships with developers. Building relationships builds trust and fosters collaboration that improves products and services.

  • DevRel engineers help in bridging the gap between tech teams and non-technical stakeholders. As a result, different departments within the same company can work more effectively.

  • Marketing a product: DevRel engineers are essential in selling the company's product. Attending conferences, communicating with developers on social media, etc., expands the brand's awareness.

What Are the Types of DevRel?

Here are the three main categories of DevRel:

  • Community: The first type of DevRel is community management. It entails overseeing a developer community and encouraging interaction with the company's products. It also entails answering queries from developers, offering help, and rewarding their effort.

  • Content Development: The second type of DevRel is content development. It involves creating content to help developers understand the company's products and services. Blog posts, videos, and creating roadmaps are just a few examples of these contents. Also, it involves commenting on content to offer extra explanations or help.

  • Event Coordination: The third type of DevRel is Event Coordination. It involves organizing events such as hackathons, meet-ups, conferences, etc., to help bring developers together to learn more about the company's products and services in a fun and engaging way. It also requires managing logistics such as catering and speakers.

    Optimize with what we are naturally gifted with, not what the company would expect

Finding out what interests us or what we are already adept at doing will help us choose a mode. A skilled speaker, for example, will more often than not do well in hosting events than in other DevRel areas.

Various DevRel engineers take on multiple duties. Some engineers specialize in one area, others in two or more. But before we get started, having experience in at least one of the modes listed above is essential. Then, as part of our career objectives, we can increase our knowledge in other DevRel areas. To know more about the types of DevRel, click here.

5 Useful Tips to Succeed as a DevRel Engineer

The following are some of the tips to succeed as a DevRel engineer, as shared in our DXMentorship class:

  1. A great way to gain practical DevRel experience is by attending local meet-ups. Attend as many events as possible, apply to give a talk, and offer to help with events. We'll be better prepared for larger gatherings as we practice at smaller events.

  2. We must create long-lasting connections rather than just transactional ones. Refrain from approaching developers because of what they can offer. Instead, come to them to develop long-lasting relationships.

  3. DevRel professionals must stay updated with the latest trends in the tech industry. This way, we will communicate easily with the developer community and stay current.

  4. Have an open mind and a desire to learn.

  5. We need to provide our network with value. For example, we can provide value by sharing valuable resources and answering questions. This way, we will get to build genuine connections and authenticity.


DevRel is an integral part of any tech company's success. It involves developing relationships with developers and understanding and advocating for their needs. Anyone can succeed as a DevRel professional, although starting can be frightening. All it takes is a grasp of the core ideas of DevRel and a willingness to invest in relationships with developers.


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