My Goals For Hng Internship 8.0

My Goals For Hng Internship 8.0

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Β·Aug 16, 2021Β·

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Hello everyone! πŸ’™

My name is Success a Frontend Software Developer and here is my article on my goals and what i would want to achieve by the end of the 8 weeks HNG internship program.

The HNG Internship program is an ambitious attempt to change the way education is done in Africa. It’s the bridge between learning to code, and becoming the best in the world.

Click on this link %[ ] to know more about the HNG internship program.

At the end of the 8 weeks HNG internship program i wish to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve my Javascript Skills

  • Connect with people with similar goals on the HNG platform

  • Get a well paying remote frontend software developer job

  • Transition into Full-stack web development in the nearest future

  • Help upcoming frontend software developers with resources that will help them in their journey as a frontend engineer

Check out this programming tutorials that will be of help to you in kick-starting your programming career:

HTML tutorial for beginners

Git and Github for beginners

Figma: Figma Crash Course 2021

Javascript: Javascript crash Course for beginners

I hope you find the above Tutorials useful in your journey as a Software developer.

If you have any questions about the HNG internship program, you can leave them in the comments section below and I'll be happy to answer every single one.

That's all for today! 😁 You reached the end of the article 😍.

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