My Internship Experience At Side Hustle Talent Internship program

My Internship Experience At Side Hustle Talent Internship program

Sidehustle internship

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Hello everyone! πŸ’™

Here is my article on my experience as an intern at side hustle so far, let's get started πŸ’ƒ

On the 1st of May 2020, I saw the announcement of the upcoming side hustle Internship Program post on Twitter, one of my mutuals retweeted the post to my timeline and I quickly applied cause that's exactly what I have been searching for, to belong to a tech community of aspiring young frontend web developers so I improve on my learning and I also get to make new Web development Friends. I continued studying on my own after applying for the program cause I was already taking a course on Coursera "HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Web developers" and watching lots of YouTube videos on Frontend web development online.

link to the course %[ ] I was studying, thank me later πŸ‘‹πŸΎ.

I received a mail welcoming me to the Sidehustle internship program a week after my application, We were to resume on Monday 21st June 2021 and I was excited and ready to go (I was so nervous, what if i don't meet the requirements to advance to the different stages of the program 😧) let's pretend I didn't say that guys, I was ready and excited (let's go πŸ’ƒ).


The first week we were introduced to the Frontend mentors for the program, the rules and don'ts of the program and we had voice chat class sessions with one of the mentors on the basics of Web Development, Hypertext mark-up language ( HTML). We were given more study materials after the class on HTML from %[ ], %[ ] and links to different YouTube videos to help us further with our learning.

We were given a quiz (10 questions on HTML) and also a task to create a tribute page using HTML alone.


"Create a tribute page Heading: Name of Internship, Name of Intern, Intern ID, Best Life Quote. Include the Picture of the person you’re writing tribute to. Write your tribute, it must contain the use of at least 20 html tags in no order Include a form section whose input fields are Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Date, Sex. Submit on the codepen you created earlier, only a codepen link or github, if you can use it."

The week 1 task was fun and a smooth ride for me cause i was already familiar with using HTML (I aced the task guys 😎). I also learnt more on how to use "type="checkbox" on HTML forms, made 2 new aspiring Frontend web developer friends and I was looking forward to the coming weeks of the program 😁.

Link to My Week One Task Solution on GitHub: %[ ]

Hosted page to my solution: %[ ]

##WEEK 2

The second week we were taught Cascading style Sheets (CSS). We were taught the basics to the fundamentals of CSS, how to use colors, Typography, border-box, flex, grid etc and we were given resources to study more on our own after the class. It was exciting cause I learnt more on how to use CSS Grid and CSS Flexbox via the study materials that was shared after the class (yaay 😁).

The second week task was a tough one cause it involved us using CSS flexbox or CSS grid to create a theme landing page, the task was one of the Frontend challenges on Frontend mentor.

Here’s the link to the CSS task: %[ ]

Week 2 Task Question

  • Download the design files needed and follow all instructions
     Ensure you do not copy someone else’s work else your task would be disqualified.
    Take your time to understand the layout of the design page before coding.
    No frameworks must be used, just plain CSS
    Make your work responsive across all devices using CSS flexbox or grid.
    create a repository on github and upload your files to github.
    Host your website using either github pages, vercel or netlify.
    Submit the links to your repo and the live/hosted site.*

Link to My Week two Task Solution on GitHub: %[ ]

Hosted page to my solution: %[ ]


Our mentors have been great with their teachings, how they explain both the complex and basic frontend methods to make sure we understand has been amazing. The 2 weeks i have spent so far has been great, I am more focused on learning and always curious to know more stuff about frontend web development now, I hope I will be able to look back to this particular post a year from now with a big smile πŸ˜ƒ on my face as a full-time frontend web developer doing big things in the tech space and helping upcoming web development guys achieve their dreams with my skills and resources.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments section below, and I'll be happy to answer every single one.

That's all for today!😁 You reached the end of the article😍

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