Top 7  Discord servers every developer should  join.

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Top 7 Discord servers every developer should join.

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·Nov 29, 2022·

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The importance of community is a recurring theme in modern web development. Gone are the days when developers could work in isolation. Thanks to Discord, developers can now find support from fellow developers with the click of a button.

Discord's popularity among developers has increased in tandem with that among gamers. It is a free and open-source chat app that we can use for text, voice, and video communication. Developers use Discord to communicate about programming issues and exchange code snippets. Besides being free, Discord does not require installation or download before use.

In this article, we will examine the top 7 web development discord servers for web developers.


To get the most out of this article, the following are required:

  • A basic understanding of web development.
  • A Discord app on our computer. To download, click here.

Note: It is not compulsory to download the Discord app. You can also visit the website to use Discord without installing the app. Click here to access the website.

What are developer communities?

Developer communities are associations of people with similar interests in software development. They serve as a space for developers to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. Aside from online communities, offline communities also exist via group events. Depending on the organizers, these gatherings occur on specific days, weekly, monthly, etc.

When joining a developer community, compatibility should be our top priority. The community we join must match our interests and skillset.

What is the importance of joining a developer community?

Some advantages of being a part of a developer community include the following:

  • It assists developers in staying current with emerging trends and technologies.
  • It provides a support system for developers, who can rely on each other for help and advice.
  • Being part of a community allows developers to network with professionals. Networking with industry experts often results in employment opportunities.

What are the top web development Discord servers for developers to Join?

The following are some of the best Discord servers for web developers:


The Appwrite Discord server is one of the best servers for web developers. It has over 10,000 devoted users who share resources on web development topics and how to use Appwrite. With Appwrite, developers can build faster, safer apps with standard APIs, tools, etc.

There are many channels like the web, showcase, and flutter channels catering to the need of its users. Across each channel, users share their web development and Appwrite ideas. Appwrite also provides its users with 24/7 support through its moderators.

There are few developer communities as supportive as this one. The benefits of joining this community are endless, as it offers a lot to its users. It allows users to participate in a series of Loot monthly events and compete for prizes. It also has open-source projects for everyone to learn and hone their skills. Additionally, they host live code reviews for their Hacktoberfest open-source contributors every week.

To join the Appwrite Discord server, click here.

The Programmer’s Hangout

The Programmer’s Hangout learning community covers numerous computer science and web development topics. It has many channels, like HTML, CSS channels, etc., tailored to its members' needs. It has over 130,000 members, making it one of the largest communities on Discord.

This community is the right place to get a solid footing in programming. Anyone can join, no matter their skill level, to learn and share their knowledge.

To join the Programmer's Hangout Discord server, click here.


SpeakJS is a learning platform created primarily for Javascript programmers. This server has over 29,000 users sharing resources and solving Javascript-related problems. A channel is available for each Javascript framework, such as React and Angular. Both Javascript frontend and backend developers can contribute through these different channels.

One advantage of this Discord server is how community-driven it is. Community members choose its path, suggest channels for a new Javascript library, etc.

To join the SpeakJS Discord server, click here.

The Coding Den

For developers, The Coding Den is a one-stop server. It caters to the needs of everyone. There are numerous channels on this server for various modern programming languages. All one needs to do is choose the right programming channel to engage with.

One benefit of being a member of this server is that it caters to novice and experienced developers. Also, to reward its over 115,000 users, the server offers giveaways and gifts regularly.

To join The Coding Den Discord server, click here.


The CodeSupport server has over 23,000 users passionate about web development. Its main goal is to guide both newbie and pro developers.

To join The CodeSupport Discord server, click here.


Most developers refer to the Devcord server as the frontend community of Discord. Over 39,000 members who are enthusiastic about web development make up this server. It aims to bring together developers of all experience levels to learn and help each other. The server's dedicated channels cater to beginners, frontend developers, etc.

To join The Devcord Discord server, click here.

DEVs Dungeon

DEVs Dungeon server is a Discord server with over 8,000 active users. It's a community where developers converge to communicate, work together, and create. It has several channels, like app, web, UI/UX development channels, etc., for every member to find their niche and engage.

There are also fun channels on this server for members, such as music and movie channels. By participating in tournaments, members also can win prizes.

To join the DEVs Dungeon Discord server, click here.


Joining a Discord server is a helpful way for developers to connect and exchange ideas. There are a variety of servers available. Thus, it's crucial to join the one that best meets our demands.

Also, upon joining our respective servers, it is advisable to get active immediately. We gain more from the community when we take part by answering questions and sharing ideas.


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